360º photographic window

Give your architects, facility managers and suppliers
a “360º window” into any property worldwide.

We also use the 360 photos internally to ensure every drawing and all survey information undertakes a QA process.


Access via any device

Imagine walking into any of your properties to evaluate prior to remodel from the convenience of your computer or smart device.

Our worldwide team can 360º photograph a site within 24 hours and upload these images linked to a floor plan to your secure AsBuiltCloud™ server. If we generate a building for you, the 360º photographs are inclusive.

Want to add 360º photographs to existing plans?

If you already have drawings, plans or construction documents we can simply add 360º photographs to an existing PDF plan and store them on our AsBuiltCloud™ servers. All the 360º photographs are object linked on the PDF at the position in the property they were taken. Email LaZerCAD™ for more information and to Request a Quote.