Expert data collectors

LaZerCAD™ is a worldwide solution provider of accurate building survey services, including documentation and high resolution 360 photographs to architects, facility teams and construction professionals. With over 750 experienced survey teams, LaZerCAD™ delivers a streamlined flow of accurate building information to corporate clients across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, EMEA and Asia.


Scope of work

An architectural building survey is only one part of the solution we offer, below are some survey services scope options that can be undertaken as part of the full survey.

  • Reflected Ceiling

  • Internal Elevations

  • External Elevations

  • Sections

  • Door Schedule

  • Window Schedule

  • Furniture

  • Plumbing

  • Utilities

  • Electrical Data

  • Lighting

  • Security Plan

  • Fire Protection

  • ADA Survey

  • Asset Inventory

  • Photo Survey

  • Roof Plan

  • Occupancy

  • Site Plan

  • Asset Tagging

  • Parking Lot


Ask us about our BOMA, ADA and REVIT Services.

Working together to define the scope of work required and then conducting a pilot before commencing a program of work ensures that you always receive a value for money, service and a high return on investment.


Take our building survey for a test drive

A LaZerCAD example as-built survey.

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  • 200+ Sites
  • Reduced Scope Walks
  • Reduced Remodel Timeline

  • 40+ Sites
  • Reduced Scope Walks
  • Reduced Remodel Timeline
  • Ease of Access to Shared Data

  • 40+ Sites
  • Ease of Access to Shared Data
  • Reduced Remodel Timeline
  • Reduced Scope Walks